Convertible Bonds

Why Convertinvest for Convertible Bonds?

Convertible Bonds benefit from the price appreciation of the common stock because of the permanent right of the investor to exchange the Convertible into a fixed number of shares. Additionally the Convertible Bond provides the senior status of a creditor who gets his capital back at maturity.


Convertinvest, the firm:

  • Independent Austrian Asset Management company, founded in 2001 close to Vienna with 18 years of experience
  • 100% convertible bond portfolio‘s with a high active share
  • Pioneer and innovator in the convertible market
  • Excellent service quality and reporting
  • Mutual UCITS funds, segregated mandates

Investment Philosophy:

100% convertibles

  • No synthetic products
  • No equities/bonds
  • No derivates for maximizing returns

Independent of benchmarks

  • Active management of holding weights
  • High active share in all funds
  • Fundamental approach

Concentrated portfolios

  • Single bonds shall have an impact (~50 – 70 holdings)
  • Avoiding risk concentration (sectors, regions, coporations)

Portfolio hedging

  • Currencies are EUR-hedged at all time
  • Equity index futures are used for delta hedging (but not strategically)

Convertinvest Convertible Bonds Fund Documents