PAM US Senior Loans

Candoris works together with Pacific Asset Management, a specialized institutional fixed income manager based in Newport Beach CA.

Pacific Asset Management, the firm:

  • Founded in 2007, wholly owned by Pacific Life
  • Focus, corporate credit strategies only
  • PAM presently manages US$ 10.2 bn, of which US$ 3.8 bn in Senior Loans

The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

PAM’s approach is based on three core principles: Fundamental Analysis, a Focus on Larger Issuers, and Capital Preservation.

This provides the backdrop for PAM’s distinct investment philosophy:

  • Fundamental Analysis - Fundamental credit analysis is the cornerstone of PAM’s investment process
  • Selective Construction - Building portfolios utilizing selective construction allows PAM to articulate their views on security
  • Top Down Market Assessment – PAM incorporates a Top Down assessment to complement their bottom-up analysis
  • Team Approach - A robust process, where all members of the investment team review, challenge and share investment ideas
  • Capital Preservation – PAM focuses on companies they believe will meet their debt obligations, thus mitigating downside risk and preserving investor capital

PAM US Senior Loans Fund Documents:

Below are the links directing to the relevant fund documents:

Monthly Update

Financial statements of the fund
Vs Peers comparison
Strategy Brief
Offering Memorandum Addendum for Switzerland