DSM Capital Partners Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities

Why DSM Capital Partners for Global-, US- and Emerging Market Growth Equities?
The DSM Growth strategies (Global, US Large Cap and Emerging Markets Equity) are unique as they combine in depth bottom up research with a strict valuation discipline. The portfolios are concentrated and invest in quality growth companies. In total, DSM holds about 80 stocks analysed by 8 analysts/PM’s and the CIO.  DSM capital manages USD 7 Billion in Equity strategies. DSM is an independent firm, employee owned and many employees are invested alongside investors. All DSM strategies outperform their benchmarks and most peers over all periods.

DSM Capital Partners, the firm:

  • Founded in 2001, fully employee owned
  • Concentrated strategy, focus  on Large Cap Growth companies, investing with a strict valuation discipline
  • With the same investment philosophy and process, DSM manages US, Global and Emerging Market equity strategies and funds
  • DSM ranks consistently in the top performing funds


The Investment Philosophy is as follows:
Concentrated portfolios of carefully selected equity securities of quality companies –those that demonstrate predictable earnings growth and are attractively valued –hold potential for long-term outperformance of broad market indexes.

The Investment process, an overview:

Identify Companies with predictable revenue and earnings growth
Create detailed earnings models for candidate companies
Select equities selling below intrinsic value to reduce risk

DSM US Large Cap Growth Equity Fund Documents