SIM US High Yield

Candoris works together with Strategic income Management, an employee owned Asset Manager focused only on US High Yield based in Seattle

Strategic income Management, the firm:

  • Founded in 2010, fully employee owned
  • Concentrated 3 pillar strategy, experienced team has successfully employed the same strategy together for 20 years
  • Strategic income Management currently manages over US$ 1.4 bn, manager of the American Beacon SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund

The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

SIM believes that active management based on long term investment horizon is able to outperform the markets over time:

The investment philosophy is based on the premise that a core portfolio, built around long-term trends, and within the appropriate industries will outperform over a cycle and provide stability and downside protection. Additional alpha is added by investing in small cap bond issuers, out-of-favor industries, and non-traditional high-yield instruments.