SIM US High Yield

Why SiM for US High Yield?

The Strategic income Management (SiM) US High Yield strategy outperforms the BofAML US High Yield index, ranking top ten percentile since inception in 2011. The strategy is a concentrated strategy focused on long term investing. A core portfolio around long term secular trends is complemented with out of favor sector and small cap issuer allocations. The team successfully employed the same investment strategy for more than 20 years. SiM is an independent firm, employee owned and solely managing High Yield.


Candoris works together with Strategic income Management, an employee owned Asset Manager focused only on US High Yield based in Seattle


Strategic income Management, the firm:

  • Founded in 2010, fully employee owned
  • Concentrated 3 pillar strategy, experienced team has successfully employed the same strategy together for 20 years


The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

SIM believes that active management based on long term investment horizon is able to outperform the markets over time:


The investment philosophy is based on the premise that a core portfolio, built around long-term trends, and within the appropriate industries will outperform over a cycle and provide stability and downside protection. Additional alpha is added by investing in small cap bond issuers, out-of-favor industries, and non-traditional high-yield instruments.