Eleva Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe

Candoris works together with Eleva Capital, an employee owned Asset Manager focused only on European Equities based in Paris

Eleva Capital, the firm:

  • Founded in 2014, focused exclusively on European equities
  • Concentrated strategies
  • Eleva currently manages ~€ 5bn(As of 30-04-2019)

The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

The investment talent and expertise of the Fund Managers and their team is applied to a bottom-up stock picking approach, which is active in nature and conviction-based in its stock selection.

The Fund’s investment philosophy is based on two core convictions, which underpin the two-stage investment process of the Fund:

  • There is a high concentration of Leaders among European small & mid-cap Companies. Leadership is a source of competitive advantage for a Company, which underpins its ability to grow earnings in a profitable and sustainable way overtime, and can command a valuation premium overtime.
  • In the medium to long term, the share price performance of a Company is driven by its ability to grow earnings in a profitable and sustainable way, with quality growth profiles generally commanding an increase in their valuation multiple overtime.

The Fund Managers first apply a qualitative and proprietary filter to the vast investment universe of European small and mid-cap Companies, which consists in selecting Leaders. As such, they focus on three Leadership criteria that have emerged through their experience and constitute a differentiated first step approach to stock-picking.

Eleva Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe Fund Documents

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