Orchard US Small Cap

Why Orchard for US Small Cap Equities?

As an independent employee owned boutique based in Chicago they deliver superior returns through proprietary research and a disciplined processes. Orchard employs a consistent and disciplined approach with an emphasis on fundamental research to develop proprietary knowledge about potential investments. Orchard uses this knowledge to develop a best possible estimate of intrinsic value and strive to generate excess returns by investing at a significant discount to that intrinsic value. Orchard might be very interesting to invest with given the fact that large cap outperformed small cap and growth outperformed value for years and years, but long term US small cap value is the best performing area in US Equities.

Orchard, the firm:

  • Orchard is a differentiated intrinsic value investor based in Chicago
  • Proprietary Research + Intrinsic Value Discipline
  • Opportunistic Team-Driven Culture
  • Small/Mid Cap and Special Situations Focus
  • The team’s approach builds upon a long history of value investing
  • Long track record since 2001
  • Core process & discipline was developed over years and refined by Orchard Team
  • Orchard Capital Management is the combination of the alpha-driven intrinsic value team with key
    private equity and operational resources
  • Deep investment and industry experience within investment team
  • Significant personal assets are invested along with client assets

The Investment Philosophy is as follows:

Orchard’s Opportunistic Small Cap Strategies builds upon a core philosophy:

''Proprietary knowledge, not excess risk, drives excess returns''


Purchase at a Discount …
We use proprietary knowledge to create our best possible estimate of intrinsic value and strive to generate excess returns by investing at what we consider a significant discount to intrinsic value.


  … with Companies that are Likely to Close the Discount to Value
Once we have identified sources of value or opportunities for value creation, we select investments with one or more catalysts that should lead to value realization and we will engage management & shareholders for constructive change.